Why is my phone so slow? 11 best ways to phone speed up

Why is my phone so slow? 11 best ways to phone speed up

When we buy a brand new Android mobile, the mobile works pretty fast. Now do you feel that your smartphone has slowed down over time? At the moment the biggest problem with the phone is going slow. At the purchase time phone is enough fast, but day by day the phone becomes slow. This does not work properly on the phone.

When a question arises in our minds, why is my phone so slow? This kind of question bothers us, but now no need to worry! Because today I am going to answer all the questions. Yes friends, you will know today exactly why your smartphone is going slow down. And as a bonus, I will also tell you how to protect your phone from slowing down, and how to fast if already become super slow. So let’s get started

Why is my phone so slow? Causes and Remedies

The main reasons for slow Android mobile are low processor speed, RAM is low and internal storage lacks.
A mobile works slow or fast depending on these three things. Because, before starting any work or function on your phone, he has to do the work using the RAM & processor on the phone.
Thus, if your mobile has a low capacity processor or RAM, then its working capacity will be less and when there is more pressure as a result it will work slower or hang.
So, if you have a much lower processor or RAM smartphone, it definitely works slowly. And there is only one way for you to speed up your old smartphone. Using fewer apps on mobile. So, you need to uninstall all kinds of apps, and only use one or two apps.
Using low apps will put less stress on your smartphone processor and RAM. That changes as a result your smartphone working faster.
Right now may question come to in your mind? If smartphone processor, internet stores and RAM are more, even after that why is my phone so slow!

However if still phone is slow, let’s find out- Why?

Defective system version update or change

Yes friends, the biggest reason behind smartphone being slow is the defective version update. Every phone manufacturer gives you regular OTAP (over the air programming) updates. You can upgrade your phone’s system with the OTAP update. For example, you can go from KitKat to Lollipop or upgrade from Lollipop to Marshmallow. It is often seen that the phone has slowed down after upgrading the latest version. Many times this new update is not perfect for your phone. Because the phone company may leave some errors in the system update.

Application updates

When you install an app on your phone, the Play Store asks to update the apps (if updates are available). You can also see the best apps for Android. When application developers see that many new powerful phones are coming in the market, they keep updating the applications to improve the quality. But it not necessary, that update is perfect for your phone. Because updated apps are always bigger in size than the previous version. And uses more storage and RAM. Many people keep checking the Play Store there are any new updates. So without understanding update applications may become your smartphone slow

Many excessive apps install

We often install a lot of applications and then uninstall the app again. But there are many apps that don’t completely removed after uninstallation. They leave a lot of files on the phone. These files are called junk files. Accumulating too many junk files can reduce read and write speed of your phone memory. This can make your smartphone work slower. Again, you are not using app that you have installed. But the app is automatically launched in the background. In that case your phone performance may be reduced.

Fragmented files

As we use the phone we start saving a lot of files on it. For example, we store a lot of photos, videos and music then scatter in different folders. Your smartphone may slow down due to the accumulation of too many fragmented files.

11 Best ways for Phone speed up

Phone speed upYou need to use some simple ways to speed up your smartphone. This way, then before your phone will be much lighter and freer. Ok friends now let’s find out how to smartphone speed up…

Operating system update

One of the main reasons why smartphones are slow is that the operating system do not updated. Because the operating system updated version fixes various bugs and lags. So you have to update the operating system as soon as it is updated. If your phone operating system always update, your phone is much less likely to be slow.

Using RAM Booster apps

To keep a smartphone fast, you must use RAM Booster apps. Mobile Ram booster apps actually boost the Ram on your mobile and make it free. You can use RAM booster apps to help optimize mobile performance by clearing mobile system memory and system cache. You can download a free RAM booster app from the Google play store.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

Every app on your smartphone uses some internet memory, RAM and processor. As a result, we often do not realize that our phone is slow. So now without delay uninstall unnecessary apps from your smartphone.

Unnecessary apps disable

The more apps your phone has running the likely your phone is to be slow more. So that all apps are not needed very much sometimes it need those apps you can “force stop, Apps disable or disable apps”. And just enable when needed.
To disable or force stop any app on Android mobile you have to go –
Settings >> installed apps / apps >> select app >> force stop / disable.
Note: Disable apps and uninstalling apps are two different things.

Keep apps updated

There are many people who never update their phone apps. In fact many bugs are fixed through app updates, which is very good for the phone. Developers are always updating something to speed up the apps. And, if you use the updated app it will work faster and hassle of crashing free. To see if there is any update of all kinds of apps on Android mobile.
Open Google play store >> Go to option >> Go to My apps and games
Note: Always try to update your smartphone fundamental apps.

Clear cache from storage

Most of us don’t know that, the internal storage of the mobile in-store some cache data. That will be slow down your phone. By clearing the cache data, all the time you can speed fast on your smartphone.
To clear mobile cache data you need to go –
Settings >>> storage >>> cache data >>> Clear cache data

Memory storage clear

Having extra apps, pictures, music, videos on the smartphone often fills up the internal memory of your phone. As a result, your phone runs slow. Because RAM cannot give enough memory space. To avoid this and as soon as possible delete unnecessary apps, music, pictures, videos or any other file from the phone.

Battery change

If the battery is old for a long time, then the phone works slow at times. The phone gets unnecessarily hot. To save the smartphone from this, you have to change the battery as soon as. Because the smartphone can blast at any time due to overheating.

Disable unnecessary animations

Stop using animations to speed up your Android phone. Android operating system to get rid of animation, you can completely unlock the new settings menu on your Android phone. Go to Settings> about the phone, scroll down and tap exactly seven times on build number. After doing this, you will get access to the Developer Options menu in the phone system settings. In this menu you will find window animation scale, now change animation scale, duration scale or stop animation.

Widget removal

The widgets you are using are important but they take up some space. Disable widgets that are of no use or work to you. Even if they are active doesn’t matter much, but many widgets together can be a little cause of slow phone.

Factory data reset

Last thought if the speed of your smartphone has become excessively slow. Then you can do a factory data reset. You must have a backup of all the data on your Android before resetting the factory data. Because all the data of the phone is deleted if the factory data is reset. Then set up your Android device in a new way.

I hope this article very helpful to you. Many people are very annoyed with the phone’s slowness, all their problems will be solved. You don’t just have to fasten your phone, so share the post and let all your friends know. Also, if you have any new tips or feedback, let me know by commenting below.


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