Definitions of Metallurgy

The word ‘Metallurgy’ comes from the word ‘Metal’. In general, metallurgy refers to the extraction of metal from metal ore and use it for human welfare. Different scientist have defined metallurgy in different ways.

According to Lewis, “Actually the matter is all about the science and strategy of a metal.”
According to Liman, “Metallurgy is the science of extraction and purification of metal from metal ore.
On the basis of the above definitions, metallurgy can be defined as follows –
“A branch of applied science which discussed detail about the lifting of metal and metal ore from mine, metal extraction, purification, synthesis, various aspects of size and shape of things which is metal suitable to use in industry and in the purpose of making things in accordance of people’s demand, including the development of hybrid metal is called metallurgy.”

Classification of Metallurgy

classification of Metallurgy

The range of metallurgy is very extensive. Considering various aspects and strategies of production, metallurgy is divided into four parts. Such as
Mechanical Metallurgy
Mechanical metallurgy is discussed about a mechanical method and applied force, which is used to change the size and shape of metals, and the characteristics of metal in mechanical purpose. It includes alloying, casting, rolling, welding, forging etc.

Physical Metallurgy
A branch of metallurgy, which is discussed about the change of qualities of metals at the time of changing its shape and size, and developed characteristics of metal at the time of serving people is called physical metallurgy. It includes metallography, heat analysis, heat treatment, X-ray, materials testing etc.

Powder Metallurgy
A branch of metallurgy, which is discussed about the method of making metal’s power, mixing the power of metal in appropriate proportion, making the desired thing by applying heat and pressure without melting the powder, is called power metallurgy.

Process or chemical Metallurgy
In which branch of metallurgy discussed various chemical processes like metal extraction, smelting, refining, alloying etc, and the characteristics of metal and metal hybrid is called process or chemical metallurgy. It includes condensation, heat oxidation, incineration, distillation etc.

The Process or chemical Metallurgy again divided into three parts. Such as-

Pyro-Metallurgy: Which branch of metallurgy discussed the chemical reactions with a very high temperature is called pyro-metallurgy. It includes incineration, heat oxidation, smelting etc.
Hydrometallurgy: A branch of metallurgy, which discussed the methods of separating valuable metal by removing impurity with the water solution is called hydrometallurgy. It includes condensation, sedimentation, mercury alloying etc.

Electro-Metallurgy: A branch of metallurgy, which discussed the process of chemical division of metals and the areas in which the electricity is required is called electrometallurgy. It includes electroplating, electrolysis, arc welding etc.


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