Hydraulics and Hydraulics machinery definition and application

Hydraulics & Hydraulic machinery definition and application

The word hydraulics is derived from the Greek word Hudour, whose meaning is water. In an analysis, it is seen that hydraulics consists of two Greek words- Hydra and Allies. Hydro means liquid and Allies means pipe. So, it means a branch of engineering science where the properties and characteristics of water in stagnant and motioned condition. it is a practical branch of mechanics.

Definition of hydraulics

The branch of engineering in which different aspects and qualities of water or other liquid is discussed in static and motioned condition is called hydraulics. The part of fluid mechanics science that discusses only liquid substance is called hydromechanics. When hydromechanics is applied to solve an engineering problem then it is called hydraulics. In this part of hydromechanics, only water is considered as a liquid.

Hydraulic machinery definition

The tools those work conducted with water and the tools that complete work by conducting water, those tools are called hydraulic machinery.


            • Hydraulic Jack
            • Hydraulic Lift
            • Hydraulic press
            • Pump
            • Water turbine

The branches of hydraulics

It can be divided into three-part, Like-

    • Hydro-static

The branch of hydraulics that discusses the characteristics during static condition is called hydro-static

    • Hydro-dynamics

That discusses the characteristics, and the effectiveness of the liquid substance in the motioned position is called hydro-dynamics.

    • Hydrokinematics

the branch that discussed the motion and type of flow of ideal and practical water in moving condition is called hydrokinetics.

Importance of Hydraulics

Hydraulic machineryOne-fourth of the earth is ground and three percent water. Of this ground, the survival of every beast and almost every production process depends on water. Water is very commonly used in different productive work by using its different properties. People were thinking and tried to dominate water and other fluid, how to supply water in household chores, an irrigation system in agriculture, in different industries from the primitive age to still now. It discusses different internal behavior, aspects and qualities of static or flowing water or other liquids with the pipe or pipe-like ways ( such as- river, canal, drain, tunnel, nozzle, orifice, mouthpiece, etc) in the above sectors. So the importance of hydraulics is vast.

Importance of Hydraulic machinery

From primitive age to modern civilization, people tried to dominate the ways of water lifting and supplying. The hydraulic machinery (such as- different types of a pump) is widely used in the purpose of supplying water in different practical cases or transferring other fluid. The use of hydraulic machinery with water is very important in the modern era making the difference of height by lifting water from a flat surface to above, using the properties and qualities of water.

A different application of hydraulics and hydraulic machinery in the engineering field

In cities in case of the system of water supply, drainage system, an irrigation system in agriculture, prevent a flood, dam construction, supply water in different industries, etc, the application of hydraulics is seen. In the technical cases- water electricity production, pump, hydraulic press, lift, jack, jigger accumulator, crane, ram etc the hydraulic machinery use practically. In total, in every step of modern life, there is the application of Hydraulics and hydraulics machinery.

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