Facebook Gaming App - New best gaming app free download

Facebook Gaming App – New best gaming app free download

best gaming appSince some time Facebook has been campaigning loudly about gaming. It was only a matter of time Facebook launch its own gaming streaming app to compete with the famous game streaming service Twitter. The world’s largest social network finally did this work. Social media giant company Facebook has brought its own gaming app to reign in the gaming world. This app has been created keeping in mind the needs of gamers. Although this gaming app was supposed to hit the market in June, But because of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the ‘Facebook Gaming’ Android mobile app unveiled now. Facebook has given the opportunity now to use the free app.

It can be said that Facebook entered into the gaming industry through this gaming app. This app has been launched for South Asian and Latin American countries including India. Play instant games anytime, anywhere, without having to download.

In an interview with the New York Times, Facebook app head Fidji Simo said: Investing in gaming is now a priority, we have seen that people consider gaming as a means of entertainment, as well as considering it as a way to communicate with people. Facebook authorities say that, when the lockdown is going on due to global Coronavirus (COVID-19), people are under house arrest. So this Gaming App has been released as a timely step. After Twitter and YouTube to rule the online gaming world, Facebook is expressing quite optimistic opinions about their own gaming app.

Facebook has been investing in gaming for years. Trying to build a streaming community through partnerships with various producers, hosts also sports tournaments. Despite the fact that more than 2.5 billion people use Facebook every month, It lags behind YouTube and Twitter (owned by Google and Amazon, respectively) for hours of gameplay viewing.

It is very different from other gaming apps. You can play different games on the Facebook gaming app platform. That app another feature, while playing the game you can stream live video with this gaming app and watch also other people’s live video!
That is to say, In addition to playing games on mobile through this gaming app, you can broadcast it live while playing. And you can see others live gaming.
When you open the app, you will find your favorite games in the discover tab and see the content of the trending content. These can be reacted and commented on. The Facebook gaming app also has a chat feature that lets you share messages with other viewers while watching a video stream. For now, there are no ads on the this gaming app. You can spend money to buy star and give it as a gift to gamers.
The gaming app for Android is now available on the Google Play Store. Facebook is hopeful that the iOS version will come in a few days.

Facebook Gaming app free download

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