How to cell phone battery take care properly? Battery tips

How to cell phone battery take care properly? Battery tips

Nowadays the battery installation method has been some change, although there is not such a change in battery technology. However, the last few years have changed to a smart cell phone battery type. Now fitted in a closed manner almost all modern smartphone batteries. This means the normal users cannot change their phone’s battery by itself. Therefore, you have to go to the service center if for any reason your battery malfunction. Nowadays for this, it is necessary to take proper care of the cell phone battery. Today in this article, I will discuss some of the special ways that you can take some special care of your cell phone battery. And you do not have to go again and again to the service center to change the battery. See the battery is only part of your phone that can be waste first. The rest of the components if you use them normally such as motherboards, RAM and processors, etc., can be very long-lasting. But the battery could be worse after normal use. By the way, let us start the main discussion without increasing the introduction!

Adjust the charging habits of the cell phone battery

The first step in taking special care of the battery is to fix the battery’s charging habit. Your battery should never discharge 0%. Cannot even do that, you are discharging daily 0% of the battery and then charging 100% again. Alternatively, you use the phone all day 100% to discharge 0%. You can discharge 0% once a month, anyway discussing this a little later. So what is the right way? Yes, the correct way is to charge the smartphone battery multiple times a day. Suppose you start charging after 25% and charge up to 80% or 90%. Again, the charge dropped to 20% or 10% and then re-charged.
You can compare this battery charging practice with a human. For example, a person may eat light foods or drink during work gaps. It will keep him healthy and work longer. But if someone works nonstop all day but never eats, or works all day get tired and hungry then eat a meal once a night. But he will not be able to stay healthy for too long. And gradually its performance will disappear.

The cell phone battery works also in this policy. That’s why battery charging habits are very important. Another thing to keep in mind is that your phone’s battery should be charged 100% by discharging 0% at least once a month or once every 20-25 days later. The battery inside cells becomes weak due to repeated charge and discharge. So if you do within a month full discharge and recharge, then the previous capacity restores the cells. As it is our blood donation.
Another thing to know is that each battery has a specific life cycle. Be it a smartphone battery and a laptop battery or your tablet’s battery. Usually, a phone’s battery has 1000 life cycles. Having 1000 lifecycles means, this battery can be discharged and charged 1000 times. It’s not like, the battery will stop working once the 1000 life cycle is crossed. It may be that the charge that used to be until evening is now until 1 pm. if you look at 1000 life cycles, the battery life is about 3 years longer.
I want to say that repeatedly, those phones have not the open battery (non-removable batteries), It is important to adjust the charging habits for all those batteries. Otherwise, within 6 months of buying the phone, it may be that you have to go to the service center to change the battery. That’s just because your charging habit wasn’t right. That Phone has battery open he’s different. If you want on those phones, you can change the battery anyway.

Are you use adapter for cell phone charging?

Suppose you have to charge using a USB Type-C port on your smartphone. However, due to the charger of multiple old micro USB ports at home, you started charging regular smartphones using an adapter. As a result, battery life becomes gradually reduce in the smartphone. Always try to use a USB C-type post only. If not in danger, avoid using adapters while charging.

Use a good and accurate charger

To keep a cell phone battery healthy is essential to proper and good chargers. If for some reason you think that, your phone is not charging properly with your charger However, without any hesitation, you can use another charger. Or if your phone supports quick charging, you can use any Quick Charger. But yes, there is one special thing that needs to look. Whatever you use a third-party charger; its voltage should match that of your original charger. It does not matter how many milliampere charger or its current. Because your phone charging circuit will receive exactly current as it needs. You have to need to look only at the charger output voltage.

Do not worry about overcharging the battery!

smartphone charging tipsMany people have this misconception to charge overnight, the battery may be damaged by overcharging. In fact, that is not true at all. Over the last 5-6 years of smartphones coming into the market, the smartphone has a special circuit of over-charging protection. As a result, after it is the charge to 100% your battery will no longer charge. This problem was 10-12 years ago. You may have noticed that the batteries of many phones were swelling. But to this time, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of it.

The smartphone battery care proper ways

  • First, the battery cannot be recharged 100% by discharge 0% per day. Doing it once a month is good.
  • The battery charges regularly. If possible, keep a few charging a few times a day.
  • If you want to use another charger or another company’s charger, please match that’s the voltage.
  • As much as possible try to buy a good charger. It’s best not to buy a cheap charger.
  • Always try to use a USB C-type post only (if needed).
  • Lastly, you should avoid the fear of over-charging your phone.

I hope greatly today, this post will benefit you. And you can good take care of your cell phone battery from now. If you like, the post please share it with friends. This site is visited regularly for the latest tech news! This is how I appear with such posts every day.

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