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Metallurgy history

Metallurgy history | Concept and scope of Metals

What is Metal? According to the nature of the basic elements found in the world, the basic are...

Pyrometers – Classification of different types pyrometers

Usually, the pyrometers are divide into two groups. Such as- Thermocouples and Resistance Pyrometer: The pyrometer has to...
black body radiation

What is black body radiation & characteristics? Engineers Advice

If an object can absorb its thermal radiation falling on it without any reflection or dispersion, then it is called black object...
Properties of Metals

Properties of Metals | Physical and Mechanical Properties

That are qualities indicate the specific characteristics of metal, it is properties of the metal. Among some properties of metal, such as-...
Fluid Properties

Fluid Properties – Fluid Mechanics | Properties of water

Solid object can certain range tensile stress, compressive stress and shear stress but fluid can not. For not conveying shear stress...
Measurement of Temperature

Measurement of Temperature | Temperature measurement by color

Thermometry: The thermometry is the branch of temperature measurement, which discusses the strategies of measuring the temperature at 510০ C and below....
What is metallurgy

What is Metallurgy? Definitions and classification of Metallurgy

Definitions of Metallurgy The word ‘Metallurgy’ comes from the word ‘Metal’. In general, metallurgy refers to the extraction of...
Metallurgical investigation

Use of Metallurgical investigation in Industry – Engineers Advice

The Human mind is inquisitive from the beginning of the creation. People are always interested in something new. The result of all...
Optical Pyrometer

Optical Pyrometer working principle & Pyrometric cone – Engineers Advice

What is optical Pyrometer? The optical pyrometer measures the temperature by comparing the brightness of radiant emissive ray from...



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